National Geographic fame

Let’s face it, getting your name in print is a buzz.

And for a group of students at Two Wells Primary School, that buzz became a reality on the national stage when their works were chosen to feature in the popular National Geographic Kids magazine.

The monthly magazine has been a regular read for Year 2/3 teacher, Mel Warren, and her class, with the students loving to look at the interesting photos, and pore over the stories and factual information within its glossy pages.

As part of their narrative writing block, the students decided to enter the magazine’s regular Global Story Club.

This section of the magazine features a story written by a child seven years or older, however, there is some criteria that must be met.

The story has to be a narrative and include an element of truth or factual information.

“We spent weeks in class writing stories, researching topics,” Mrs Warren said.

“The experience of having to write with a purpose has been really great.

“Now they’re making their own individual magazines.”

Year 2 student, Chloe, had her story, ‘Alex the Brave’, feature in the September issue.

The story is about a tiger that escapes a bully.

Appearing in the October issue was the work of fellow Year 2 students, Siena and Kira, whose tale, ‘The Weird Journey’, features a trip to Africa and meeting the Maasai Tribe.

Paul and Aiden, Year 2, had their story, ‘A Trip to Coober Pedy’, printed in the recent December issue.

Their work tells of finding opals in a cave.

Also appearing in an edition of the magazine was a uncanny photo sent in by reception student, Dexter, of a puddle shaped like Australia.

His photo was printed in the junior reports segment of the magazine and for his efforts, received a book prize.

The students have thoroughly enjoyed the writing and being involved with the magazine, with Siena saying, “It was fun because you got to choose what you wanted to write about”.

Aiden said it was “jaw-dropping” when he found out his story would be published.

What a fantastic effort from the whole class.

Well done.

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