More changes to Food Bowl DPA

Adelaide Plains Council’s Northern Food Bowl DPA has had a further amendment made to allow an additional portion of primary production land be rezoned to horticulture.

Councillors voted to endorse the amendment at Adelaide Plains Council’s November meeting last week.

The area of land, bound by Hart Road, Middle Beach Rd and Port Wakefield Road, was identified by landholders who provided additional supporting information to deem it suitable for horticultural purposes.

Many horticultural farmers are seeking to build out of the flood zone area and, if approved, this area would be suitable.

The difference between this late inclusion and other areas in the DPA is subdivision will be allowed to go from 40 hectares down to four, as opposed to eight hectares the other areas have been allocated.

The rezoning of the area to include horticulture is a change from the traditional broadacre farming north of Two Wells, however landowners are not obligated to alter their current farming practices if they do not want to.

“The fact it’s very late in the process, will be up to the minister to decide,” Robert Veitch, Adelaide Plains Council, general manager of community and development said.

The DPA is on track to be presented to the minister for planning by the council on December 1, and Mr Veitch said council is upbeat about the prospect of the DPA going through.

“It’s finalised in terms of council’s position on it, and now it’s in the hands of state government,” he said.

“It (the DPA) is to align with the NAIS rollout, and 3700 jobs, it goes hand in hand with Two Wells’ residential growth – it’s going to be good for all those things.”

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