Middle Beach – a Further History

By Win Hatherly and John Drexel

In late October 2017 a second book was released on the history of Middle Beach. The original History of Middle Beach was officially launched on March 21, 2004, and the initial print run of around 120 copies sold out quickly.

As demand grew, a decision was made by several Middle Beach residents to print further copies.

However, a new approach was required because some of those involved in the preparation and release of the first publication had passed away.

The original electronic files were obtained and the text eventually recovered, but the photos were in a format unreadable using current software.

To add to the problem, the whereabouts of most of the original photos was unknown. With this in mind, an updated edition was proposed that would assimilate information contained in the original edition with new material, and add commentary on the many things that have happened at the beach since

The 2017 updated edition was researched and compiled by Winton (Win) Hatherly and John Drexel, both long-time shack owners at the beach, with additional information provided by Audrey Hart, Alan Glen and Roz Short.

The authors are grateful for the tireless efforts of Syd Bentley and Trevor Higgins in recording much of the early Middle Beach history, because without their efforts many of the stories of those times would certainly have been lost.

This updated edition is dedicated to the memory of Syd and Trevor and the early pioneers of Middle Beach, whose names appear on a cairn located in the Middle Beach Memorial Garden.

The revised History of Middle Beach book is available at the Two Wells Craft Shop for $17.50 or contact the authors on 0419 471 019 (Win) or (08) 8264 7964 (John).

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