Fifth place for TWPS robotics team

A team of students from Two Wells Primary School competed in the State Regional Championships of the FIRST LEGO League (FLL) Robotics Competition on Sunday November 12 and secured fifth place with their design.

This competition is released to students at the same time world wide and involves students using engineering processes to design, build and program a robot to solve challenges made from Lego on a large table.

The FLL Robotics competition continues to get bigger each year and this year included three regional championships in South Australia.

In addition to the robot challenge, students also have to identify and come up with a solution to a real world problem related to the theme of the competition.

This year’s theme was related to water and how humans use it.

“The students identified rubbish and plastics making their way into the worlds oceans as a significant problem for future generations,” TWPS science teacher, Mike Hawkey, explained.

“This was leading to loss of wildlife, as well as micro-plastics entering the food chain through the consumption of fish.

“Their solution to this problem, which the judges indicated was highly innovative, was to have solar powered octopus-like robots roaming around the oceans collecting the plastics for recycling.”

Students worked in their own time, as well as some class time, and were supported by teachers James Martin and Mike Hawkey, to complete their robot and project presentation.

“The students scored very highly on the robot design and programming, and came a commendable 5th place out of 30 teams for the robot competition,” Mr Hawkey said.

“The students all enjoyed the day and look forward to competing again next year.”

Mr Hawkey has offered to advise other schools or organisations that are keen to get involved with the Lego League competition.

Contact him, or colleague James Martin, during school hours at Two Wells Primary school on 8520 2277 or visit

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