CCTV for Lewiston playground

Adelaide Plains Council will consider installing a closed circuit television (CCTV) system for the Lewiston playground site to the tune of $10,000 in next year’s budget.

The system would consist of two separate cameras mounted on existing poles, which could be monitored by a mobile phone, and would have a monthly operating cost of around $25.

The council discussed the matter at length at its November 20 ordinary  meeting.

Councillor Marcus Strudwicke, raised the point of APC investigating other CCTV possibilities for the region, and ensuring the appropriate policies were in place for its operation.

“There are other areas around the townships where a CCTV could be of benefit,” Mr Strudwicke said.

“I’m just wondering if what we’re planning on putting in place here, is something that could be expanded and applicable in those other areas?

“If we want to go down the path for CCTV we actually need to develop a policy for CCTV and look at a system that is actually applicable across the district, rather than just pick one spot.”

Councillor Karen McColl entered the debate and suggested utilising CCTV cameras already in place in main street precincts, like Two Wells, and building on what is already there.

Ms McColl highlighted the need to address safety concerns at the playground due to its isolation.

“If we are talking about our townships, we actually need to talk to the business owners for a start and establish what is already out there,” she said.

“This playground is an isolated playground, and in the past, we’ve had fires in the toilets and have a history of other issues.

“I can tell you that it’s probably cost us nearly that ($10,000) in repairs already.

“This particular playground is not in a township, so you haven’t got people coming and going from hotels and accessing and egressing at different times of the day.

“We’re not saying we’re going to do it but I think we should have it listed there to consider.”

Councillor Daniele weighed into the debate, saying for the amount of rates collected from the Lewiston region, the cost of installing the cameras was minimal.

“We raise $2 million from the people in Lewiston and we argue the point of $10,000 being the safety of those kids,” he said.

“For the welfare of those people around there, it’s a disgrace not to consider it.”

APC’s infrastructure general manager, Martin Waddington, said the possible installation of cameras at the site was not a new initiative of council, with the idea originally mooted at the end of the budget for this financial year.

It was, however, not supported in the chamber due to a desire to present a fiscal budget.

“There was some renewed interest in pursuing CCTV at the site, the report (to councillors) was based on the back of that,” he said.

“Technology is improving all the time and as far as whether it could be expanded into a network and include other areas in the future, who knows, it’s possible.

“Council is also interested in exploring portable cameras that could be used at locations where illegal dumping occurs.

“This is an enormous problem, not only in our area, but others as well.”

Councillors agreed vandalism and destruction of property at the Lewiston playground site has lessened in the past six months.

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