Author/actor on his way

Adelaide Plains Council Library Service will host one of Australia’s most prolific supporting actors and now a published writer, next month.

Edmund Pegge will be a special guest speaker at the Two Wells Bowling Club on Friday December 8 at 11am, where he will share some stories of his travels and autobiography, “Forever Horatio: an actor’s life”.

Travelling between England and Australia and working on stage, film and television for over fifty years, Edmund Pegge knows all the tricks and trials of a working actor’s life.

In his book, the actor whose extensive acting credits include well known television shows including “Matlock Police”, ”Doctor Who”, “Return of the Saint” and ”Rosemary and Thyme”, Edmund regales the reader with tales of the good times that intersperse with the actor’s lean spells.

He has worked with many famous actors and directors and the book’s foreword is written by his life–long friend Dame Judy Dench.

“Forever Horatio” is a celebration of the unexpected joys of being – as Edmund Pegge puts it – forever Horatio never the lead, Hamlet.

Also an avid cricket aficionado, he divides his time between England and his second home, Australia.

Edmund will certainly be keeping the audience entertained with his many hilarious and charming accounts of his acting career and the numerous actors he has had the privilege or working with.

Seats are limited so get in quick and book your spot early by contacting the Two Wells Public Library during opening hours on 8520 2100 or email

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