Welcome to Nico’s lizard lounge

World Lizard Day is on August 14, but for Nico Petho, who has a ‘shack’ at Middle Beach, it should be every day.

Nico, who lives in Adelaide, said, while not a real ‘lizard activist,’ he is disappointed when people drive along the foreshore and intentionally run over the slow moving stumpy lizards.

To make drivers aware of the SSS (squashed stumpy situation), and being a form fabricator, Nico decided to best thing was to make concrete models of the lizards.

(He said the SSS really stands for ‘Stop Squashing Stumpies’!)

Over the past year, he has made 300 of them, weighing about one kg each, and on Saturday, October 14, placed them all over the concrete bollards, which certainly caused some drivers to look twice!

“The lizards are quite majestic creatures, and having them squished all over the road isn’t good,” he said.

To really drive the point home, Nico also made 200 foam lizards which he painted in three shades of brown, and stuck all over the caravan, (aptly named the lizard lounge,) that he keeps on his beach block.

I must say that looks…interesting!

He also made models of shells which are scattered all around the front of his van.

Nico and his wife, Victoria, often sit in their ‘lounge’ (very clever – the collective noun for a group of lizards) to watch the waves and sunsets.

In his spare time, Nico works as a qualified chef, then as an organic alchemist from home (no road kill lizards there!), gyprocker, and is a dab hand at painting, having done some commissioned works!

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