Fund My Neighbourhood voting open

South Australians can decide which neighbourhood-improvement projects across the state will become reality, with the Fund My Neighbourhood public vote now live.

Fund My Neighbourhood (FMN) gives South Australians the power to nominate and vote for projects that improve their streets, suburbs and towns.

South Australians are being encouraged to vote for the projects shortlisted within their neighbourhood, with the successful projects to be announced before the end of the year.

Residents in metro areas are able to vote for projects within a 5km radius of their home, whereas residents in rural areas can vote for projects within a 30km radius.

If further, the online tool will automatically expand to include the closest 30 projects.

South Australians aged 18 or over can vote for a minimum of three projects and a maximum of five, with all votes being equally valued.

Voting is open until Monday, November 20.

How to vote:

First, you first need to register on the FMN website as a YourSAy member, setting up a

Then you log in and select your location, and then you will be able to see all the projects within your radius.

You can then select as many projects on your ‘shortlist’ as you like, but when casting your final vote, you will need a minimum of three projects and maximum of five.

You can only vote once in this round.

Groups seeking publicity for their respective Fund My Neighbourhood projects are welcome to submit some information of up to 100 words, plus a photo, for publication.

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