Asbestos waste scare

Last month Adelaide Plains Council discovered a large amount of asbestos in the waste area of its Two Wells Transfer Station.

CEO James Miller released a statement to the public on October 6 outlining the process undertaken by council staff to ensure correct procedures dealing with the hazardous material were followed and to warn against the illegal practice of dumping asbestos. Mr Miller advised that council closed the area off to the public and notified the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

A licensed contractor examined the hazardous material, removed it from the area and disposed of it.

The remainder of the building waste that still requires a final inspection and appropriate disposal was removed and taken to council’s Carslake Road quarry site. “The remainder of the transfer station is safe, accessible and open to the public,” he said.

“It is illegal to dump asbestos at council transfer stations and any other areas not licensed to receive such waste.

“To do so can attract heavy penalties.”

At council’s ordinary meeting last month, councillor Steve Jones enquired about how much the asbestos incident might impact the current budget.

“Once we have a more firm understanding of the costs on remedial action needed we’ll be able to present that back to the chamber at the first quarter budget review next month,” Mr Miller replied.

If you know or suspect you may have asbestos on your property and are concerned you may be exposed to it, you should consult a registered asbestos specialist for advice.

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