3D printing workshops popular

Two Wells Public Library put on a successful school holiday program last month, with all three sessions completely booked out by local school aged children eager to learn a thing or two about the changing world around them.

The 3D printing workshop held on Tuesday October 10 at the Uniting Church hall was popular among upper primary aged kids, with about 20 eager tech heads designing a small creation to be printed, or made, in the 3D printer.

Maya from ‘Maker’s Empire- 3D Printing Workshop’ brought with her a bunch of iPads and a mobile 3D printer to demonstrate just how easy it is to see something created on a tablet using an app and then send it off to be printed, just like words on a paper.

Students firstly created a cat collar together to learn how to use the app, after which they were given creative license to make a small piece for themselves to take home.

Of course not all the creations could be printed that day, so Maya had the students email their creation to her where they will be printed at a later date and sent back to the library for collection.

All kids and families who attended enjoyed a great learning experience, developing important skills such as critical analysis of a design and independent problem solving.

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