TWPS shoots for the stars

Two Wells Primary School’s love of science has never been more evident than this year, with the school aiming to be one of three South Australian schools selected to be a part of a unique space program.
The program, which will see Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) experiments created by school students sent into space to spend a year attached to the International Space Station (ISS), is a cross-class exercise with about 75 students involved in the project.
Last month the Space Mission team presented their experiment to delegates at the 68th International Astronautical Congress hosted in Adelaide, which coincided with the school’s popular Science Week activities.
The school’s experiment involved putting a number of micro controller boards into space shielded from cosmic radiation in different ways, which can then be monitored from earth to determine their failure rate.
The experiment is limited in size to 300 grams and one litre of ‘payload’ space.
TWPS principal Lynda Fitzpatrick-Brown has said the school’s involvement in the mission was a fantastic opportunity for its students and wider school community to take an active role in both STEM activities and the state’s aerospace industry.
South Australian Education and Child Development Minister Susan Close said the space mission was a unique challenge for primary schools.
“This is the first time experiments will have been conducted for a year outside the ISS,” Ms Close said.
“It is a truly unique and exciting challenge, which will engage our students and teachers.”
Students from Year 3 to Year 7 are involved in the project, with the remaining classes having a connection by constructing a module of the International Space Station which, when put together, created a scaled-down model of the ISS.
The model was presented to parents and the broader community at a special “open-house” science night held at the school on Thursday September 21 to celebrate Science Week.
Other activities held throughout the week included ‘The Dome’, an inflatable planetarium, robotics displays, creature feature sessions and scientific displays.
The school also hosted students from two other schools as part of a STEM Ambassadors’ day facilitated by Sci World.

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