Prepare for fire season

Two Wells CFS News

We are less than six weeks away from the fire danger season and the CFS can only do so much to protect your houses and properties during the fire season.
How you prepare your houses and properties could save your houses, properties and lives/livestock. Here are some ideas on how you can help us out and prepare yourselves before fire season.
In spring, you can get ready for the impending fire danger season by:
Slash or mow long grass and remove cut material (unless it can rot down before summer).
Remove weeds.
Cut back trees overhanging your home.
Remove fallen branches and other debris.
Remove leaves from gutters.
Check and service all mechanical equipment, including grass cutters, water pumps, sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers.
Prepare / check your emergency kit.
Review, update and practise your Bushfire Survival Plan. We ask that you please ensure the gate to your home/properties are 3 metres wide to fit a fire truck down and ensure driveways are clear.
Prepare your children and teach them your bushfire survival plans.
The Two Wells CFS thanks the local community for their ongoing support and appreciate residents getting their bushfire survival plans ready.

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