Mess and Mud all the rage at Virginia Preschool

Virginia Preschool held a fun “Mess and Mud” day on Tuesday September 12, with a range of sensory play activities organised for the excited children at the centre.
“’Mess and Mud’ explorations provide opportunities for creative, mathematical, personal, social, physical and language development,” explained preschool executive facilitator, Jodie Spano.
“Children also gain knowledge and understanding of their world and scientific processes through sensory play.”
The children enjoyed manipulating different thicknesses of paint, mixing colours and creating many wonderful designs with their fingers.
Abbey said the paint felt “Cold, squishy and slippery and I can make purple by mixing red and blue and green by mixing yellow and blue and I can also make pretty rainbow handprints”.
After engaging in a variety of sensory activities, such as playing in the mud, handling gloop, slime, and clay, creating mud and finger painting, and selling mud pies in the shop, the children finished off the day by going on the slip and slide.
Xavier said, “It was so cool and really slippery”.
Just like Peppa Pig, Olive enjoyed jumping in muddy puddles and said, “It feels squelchy and squishy and this is the best day ever”.
Jacob said, “You have to keep jumping or your boots get stuck”.
Xavier said, “When I jump like this I just make little splashes, when I jump off of the sides I can make big splashes”.
Caleb said, “Can we do this tomorrow?”
Sounds like this Mess and Mud day left an imprint not only on the children’s clothes but also their minds.

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