Dangerous crossroad needs a rethink

Local community members are calling for a solution to a dangerous intersection, which claimed the life of a 22 year-old Virginia man early last month.
The intersection of Heaslip and Curtis Roads has been the subject of numerous motor vehicle accidents and a number of fatalities in the past decade.
Angle Vale and Districts Residents Association president, Shaun Reardon, along with Virginia and Residents Action Group chairman, Adrian Marschall, met with local and state government representatives recently to highlight the need for an upgrade to the intersection.
Angle Vale local, Clint Marsh, has also set up a facebook page, ‘Upgrade Intersection- Curtis Rd & Heaslip Rd’ in the hope of spreading awareness in the community about not only the need for an upgrade, but the importance of driving safely through the intersection.
Playford councillor, Peter Rentoulis, is looking to bring the matter to a head after the latest fatality which occurred on September 2.
“Road safety is of paramount concern to the community and is the responsibility of local, state and federal government’s together,” Cr Rentoulis said.
At Playford Council’s September ordinary council meeting on Tuesday, September 26, Cr Rentoulis moved a motion without notice to write to the Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI), requesting plans be brought forward to “construct the roundabout as agreed through the Growth Areas Deeds at this intersection.”
The motion was passed unanimously.
Cr Rentoulis hopes by putting pressure on DPTI to upgrade the intersection motor vehicle accidents, resulting in injury and loss of life, will be minimised or eradicated.
Local community groups and individuals, like Clint Marsh, believe the timing of the upgrade needs to occur sooner rather than later due to the growth of the local area and an increase of movement on the roads.
“We all must not give up, and continue to keep the awareness growing about the intersection,” he said.

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