Community Garden space proposed for Two Wells

Fund My Neighbourhood is a $40 million state government program seeking community-based projects to improve local neighbourhoods.
One-off grants of between $10,000 and $150,000 are available for ideas as diverse as small local infrastructure upgrades, through to initiatives that strengthen neighbourhood cohesion.
Two Wells Craft Shop (TWCS) has put in a bid to the fund and hopes to secure $20,000 to create a unique, multi-purpose community garden at the rear of the property on Old Port Wakefield Road.
TWCS manager, Judi Frost, says their project “Community Growing Green Space”, fits in the environment and sustainability category and if successful, will provide a lovely meeting place for locals and visitors alike.
“This will be an extra space for tourists and locals to sit and relax,” she said.
“It will cater for a variety of community groups like Scouts, the local school, gardening clubs as well as families, who might like to get involved.”
The space at the rear of the craft shop incorporates the town’s old jail cells, which the group hopes to turn into a help-yourself coffee and cake facility.
There will be paved paths, boulders and natural materials, native water-wise plants, shady evergreen trees as well as seating and tables and a vegetable patch.
“There’s a lot of people who have difficulty assimilating into the community because they don’t know how to meet people,” fellow Craft Shop manager Di Meaney said.
“I just see this as a nice meeting place where people can come and meet new people in a relaxing environment.”
To support the Two Wells Craft Shop in their bid you must register or log in to a YourSAy account.
Online voting begins on Wednesday 18 October.
Visit the Fund My Neighbourhood Website at for details.

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