Book review: The Lake of Dreams

Each month the Two Wells Book Club will bring you a review of the book that had been read by the group the previous month.
The book club meets once a month at the Two Wells Library.
We hope you enjoy the segment and are provided with an opportunity to engage with some books that you might never have thought to pick up and read.
This month’s book is ‘The Lake of Dreams’, by Kim Edwards.
Book club members enjoyed this month’s book, finding it to be an interesting story about a young woman, Lucy, returning home from working in Japan and Indonesia.
It is a place from which she has distanced herself since her father’s unresolved death.
As she adjusts to the changes in her life she cracks the lock of a window seat and discovers a collection of objects.
Soon Lucy realizes that she has stumbled across a dark secret from her family’s past.
Bit by bit, she begins to piece together events from the past that changes herself, her future, and her family.
It was found to be a wonderfully written book that pulls you into the world of Lucy Jarrett and the Lake of Dreams, her childhood home, however, some readers found it a bit long-winded at times.
Although the main theme of the book was the discovery of old letters in the family home, and Lucy’s finding of a mystery female ancestor and her daughter, there were perhaps too many red herrings that began and then fizzled with no apparent connection to the main theme.
The descriptions of Lucy’s life in Japan early in the book, then the lakeside community in America when she returned home and found the letters, were well-written and easy to visualise.
Overall, it is a story about life, choices, grief, love, friendship, hidden mysteries, history, women’s suffrage, the past meeting the present, secrets and a truth that must come to light.
It was hard to put down especially as the story unfolds and things long hidden start to be revealed.
Next month’s book is ‘The Light Between Oceans’, by M.L. Stedman

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