30th wedding anniversary

There seems to be a lot of love going around in Two Wells this month. Well-known couple Lynette and Neville “Cheeky” Seccafien, celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary recently. The happy couple pictured here left, on their wedding day, was married in Virginia in 1987 and according to Cheeky the day was an eventful one. First, the timing of the big day had to be based around a number of things including the cauliflower and cabbage season, as he was in the market garden industry at the time, and football commitments. Cheeky’s beloved Two Wells Football Club was playing in the finals and significantly won the A Grade premiership the week before.
On the big day, which happened to coincide with the AFL grand final between Carlton and Hawthorn, Cheeky says the priest posted half time scores up on the hymn board throughout the service.
But even before the service had started he says there were a few hiccups. One of the groomsmen locked their keys in the car and the church was still locked when they arrived. Later, Neville’s eldest brother collapsed at the reception and had to be taken to hospital. Just goes to show love will prevail. The pair has three children, Peter, Ned and Madeleine, and welcomed their first grandchild, Noah, earlier this year. Word has it Lynette also quietly celebrated a milestone birthday last month. The self-proclaimed best friends had a quiet dinner in North Adelaide to celebrate and one day hope to celebrate further with an overseas trip.

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