Two Wells, Lewiston & Districts Landcare Group

Column by Mark Webb

I have lived within this community for over 30 years and have seen many changes. Unfortunately discarded rubbish dumped on the sides of our roads is one of them.
It only takes one or two shortsighted individuals to spoil it for the rest of us who live within our region.
I personally am disgusted by the thought that some people don’t care for anyone except themselves. I believe if we look after our land the land will look after us.
Adelaide Plains Council is currently asking ratepayers if a kerbside hard waste pick up service within our region is needed to address this issue.
I personally believe this to be an opportunity for all ratepayers to get involved in deciding if we want this kind of service from our council.
I have seen some good stuff dumped on the sides of our roads, which could easily be recycled, reducing waste materials going to landfill.
That said a friend of mine has suggested that our council employ local unemployed people to collect and recycle materials found.
I believe ratepayers should have at least two free trips to our council owned waste depots. This will provide the wider community with a more sustainable option than increasing the workload for our council with extra services.
Go online or visit council offices at Two Wells/Mallala and fill out the survey questionnaire and have your say.

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