TW CFS report

By Sharone Mutch

During 2016-2017 Two Wells CFS crews attended 189 calls to support our community. With the odd weather we experienced during this time we saw, fires, floods, car accidents, house fires, structure fires, rubbish fires and many more events.

Two Wells brigade ranked number 1 attending the most grass fire events in the whole of South Australia.

This brings us to remind people to take advantage of the cooler weather and prepare your properties now for summer.

Higher rains and more sun mean higher grasses and undergrowth.

So, let’s get organised soon and help support your local CFS by attending to your property ahead of time.

Fire season will start mid-November and that means your opportunity to prepare your properties is finished so start today and help us to help you.

We have attended many accidents that have required helicopter landings and many ambulance trips to hospital.

We urge everyone to take care, especially at intersections and give way points.

We would like to draw your attention to the new traffic regulations that vehicles must slow down past emergency vehicles with flashing lights.

We attended a nasty accident on the Port Wakefield Highway this year and some impatient person went onto the opposite side of the highway and drove past doing over 100km.

If you would like to help support your local community we have daytime positions available so why not pop into the station and enquire today?

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