Trees cleared behind service centre

You may have noticed a few large Peppercorn trees have been removed from around the Two Wells council service centre on Old Port Wakefield road recently.

While there had been some whispers it was in preparation for an expansion of the facilities at the centre, Adelaide Plains Council was quick to clarify this is not the case.

According to APC infrastructure general manager, Martin Waddington, the trees were cut down mainly because of occupational health and safety reasons.

“The primary issue was that one of these trees was starting to threaten this building (Two Wells service centre),” Mr Waddington said.

“The root system was getting too big and things were starting to migrate underneath the building.

“They were leaning against the building, very close to the building, so if they had let go we would have had some severe damage, so it’s an occupational health and safety issue there, plus it’s an asset problem.

“Also, we have had history of snakes making their homes in all the root systems.”

APC development and community general manager, Rob Veitch, said it was this concern that also prompted the action.

“The snake issue was as much of a concern for staff as well as it was an issue for the buildings,” Mr Veitch said.

“There’s been a few snake sightings over the last few summers.”

The area is set to have minor landscaping done within the next few months.

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