Star dome lands in Two Wells

Did you know Sirius is the brightest star in Earth’s night sky?
Or that the closer a planet is to the sun the closer they are to each other?
Do you know how to find north using just the Southern Cross constellation?
Well, a group of budding young astrologers learnt a thing or two about space when a giant star dome landed in Two Wells last month.
Science World presenters Natasha Atkins and Nick Paget, who are both scientists, easily captured the attention of the 20 or so children gathered at the Two Wells Uniting Church on Tuesday July 11 as part of the Adelaide Plains Council’s library services school holiday program.
A quick question and answer session about space, where phrases such as “black holes”, “shooting stars” “meteorites” and “micro gravity”, were thrown around, set the kids up for their time in the star dome, which looked rather like a large, black jumping castle.
Once inside and the lights turned off, the kids were awed by the thousands of stars that appeared on the ceiling.
Using a laser beam, Natasha pointed out a range of constellations including the Southern Cross, Orion and his dog, and the saucepan or shopping trolley, as well as highlighted why some stars are different colours to others.
At the conclusion of the 20-minute star-dome experience the children split into small groups and were encouraged to create their own planets from a variety of craft supplies.
On the cards for the next school holidays, the library has planned a boot-camp style fitness session.
For more information contact Anne Sawtell at Two Wells Public Library on 8520 2100.

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