Short stay accommodation policy update

Adelaide Plains Council has again reviewed the Short Stay Accommodation Policy change that caused much angst and confusion to travellers and residents at Port Parham recently.
This time however a different approach was taken when drawing the policy.
APC’s general manager of infrastructure, Martin Waddington, spoke about the changes at last month’s council meeting.
“As members would know we went to public consultation on the policy and this is primarily due to the fact that when it was last adjusted there was no public consultation associated with that,” Mr Waddington said.
“There was a general objection to limited stay time, so we’ve adjusted that in the policy as a recommendation.”
The main objection to the previous policy change was enforcing a three-day maximum stay during peak times and seven days during off-peak times.
It was believed by residents that tourists were unhappy and the lack of visitors negatively affected businesses within the area.
Councillor Keene highlighted the area was “packed during summer,” and pushed for a lengthier stay for holiday makers.
The new policy allows for a maximum stay of up to 14 days to allow for those visitors who enjoy their stay during the busy summer period.
Mr Waddington also explained the flexibility provisions built into the policy to allow for extenuating circumstances, for example travellers accessing medical treatment in Adelaide.
A fee of $10 per night will be introduced paid via a ticket dispensing machine, similar to a car parking machine, believed to be a cost effective and convenient way to collect payment, with collected funds being used to maintain the area.

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