Food festival delayed

A huge food festival planned for the Adelaide Plains later this year has been postponed due to a lack of

The proposed Northern Plains Food Festival was to be staged in Two Wells on October 21st and was billed by organisers as a “colourful, happy, noisy, great smelling, great tasting” event, which would feature local food producers, wine, live music, exhibits and entertainment to cater for all ages.

Despite the many efforts of the Northern Plains Compass (NPC) group members however, interest in the event has petered out.

NPC president and Adelaide Plains Councillor, Eddie Stubing, is upbeat about the decision, saying the event – which is based on the popular expos held in Virginia in the late 1990s – still holds much potential and postponing it will give the group the time it needs to garner support and boost backing.

“If we’re going to do it properly we need to have it next year,” Mr Stubing told fellow councillors at APC’s July meeting.

“The potential is there, we haven’t lost momentum but we are struggling at the moment.

“It’s a good idea, it’s a great stage to set for Virginia, Mallala, Dublin and Two Wells.”

NPC has set a tentative date of March 10, 2018 for the event, with APC chief executive officer, James Miller, voicing his support in the chamber.

“This expo is going to be a fantastic event,” Mr Miller said.

NPC are seeking expressions of interest from local businesses and industry related organisations that would like to participate in the food festival. Contact Eddie Stubing on 0428 824 712 or John Lush on 0417 809 785 for more information.

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