Adelaide Plains Council’s waste survey means it wants residents – throwaway lines

Adelaide Plains Council is looking to introduce a kerbside hard waste collection service and is seeking residents’ thoughts on the matter.

The council is also hoping to expand its green waste kerbside collection services and possibly tender out all waste collection services in the future.

APC has released an online survey to the public about the issue, with APC infrastructure general manager, Martin Waddington, saying the additional services would come at a cost to ratepayers.

“Essentially we’re trying to feel the public’s reaction for expanding kerbside waste services,” Mr Waddington said.

“We’re looking at expanding the organics, the green waste, into the areas that don’t normally have it.

“The other question we’re asking is about a kerbside hard waste pickup service.

“The details are yet to be worked out, right now we’re trying to gauge whether people are in favour of the service, acknowledging it would come at a cost.

“There’s no getting around it, it would come at an additional cost.”

Mr Waddington said council was currently exploring several options to introduce the hard waste service, including designated dates once or twice a year, if people can afford it, or working with a contractor.

He also noted in a report presented to council at its July 17 meeting, the Barossa Regional Procurement Group (BRPG), of which APC is a member, recently released a tender for waste collection services.

“The scope of the tender includes kerbside waste, recycling and organics pick-up services and also hard waste pick-up services,” Mr Waddington noted.

“Councils can choose one or the other or both if desired.

“As a member of the BRPG, Adelaide Plains Council wished to participate in the tender process in order to gauge the effectiveness of contracting out these services and comparing that to its historical ‘in-house’ method.”

Each of the three other councils has contracted these services out in the past.

There is no obligation for any council to engage a contractor at the end of the process, however, if APC were to accept any tender, then the contractor will be required to commence on the 1st of February 2018.

Mr Waddington said council’s current waste pick-up method historically provided kerbside waste, recyclables and organic pick-up services utilising its own staff and two garbage trucks.

“The trucks are now at an age where they are effectively worn out and frequently breaking down,” he stated.

“In 2016/17 the cost of repairs for the ordinary council meeting of 17 July 2017, two garbage trucks combined, not including routine maintenance, was $67,941. While these trucks were being repaired and effectively off the road, council were forced to hire replacement garbage trucks which cost $7,447.

“At times there were no trucks readily available for hire.”

Lewiston resident and Echo Landcare columnist, Mark Webb, has welcomed council’s survey initiative, saying in particular the hard waste rubbish collection service “is a brilliant idea”.

“I know it will come at a cost, but how much does it cost to pick up the rubbish all the time from the side of the road?” Mark said.

“This is more sustainable, it’s also making people be more responsible and their kids see that too.

“That community awareness and education, how do you put a price on that?”

The survey will be accessible through a link on the APC website until 5pm Monday August 7.

Hard copy forms are also available at APC service centres.

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