Flood risk weighed up

Adelaide Plains Council discussed their position in regards to withdrawing from the Gawler River Floodplain Management Authority at the June Council meeting.

Councillors were informed the process would take a minimum of six months, and the APC Audit Committee are at present working on a report to be provided to council outlining the financial costs and risk associated with proceeding with membership with the GRFMA or alternatively withdrawing from the GRFMA.

Council is subject to clause 20 of the GRFMA Charter (Dispute Resolution) i.e. a grievance procedure, if it proceeds with withdrawing itself from the Authority.

Councillor Keene questioned council staff as to why the grievance procedure was not brought to the attention of the elected members when the motion to withdraw from the GRFMA was moved.

General Manager of finance and economic development, Rajith Udugampola, reminded Cr Keene that the decision was made on the night, with staff not given any prior notice to be able to conduct research into the charter, which is a legal document.

“I remember James tried to convince the elected members to defer this decision until a further report, but still the decision was made,” Mr Udugampola explained. “That decision is still valid and management has no way of going back, however the recommendation is to consider the report.”

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