School holiday geocaching fun

About 20 school-aged children hit the streets of Two Wells to try their hand at geocaching during the school holidays.

The Two Wells library held the program on April 18, meeting at the Uniting Church and walking down to Hart Reserve to where Cameron from Active Education had carefully placed eight (pseudo) geocaches for the participants to find using their supplied GPS devices.

Cameron explained that geocaching is basically a world-wide scavenger, or treasure, hunt.

Players register on-line, download an app, and set off to find geocaches of all different shapes and sizes.

“Some are easy to find, others are hard,” he said.

“But once you find them you must always put it back in the exact place where you found them, so that others can find the geocache as well.

“A typical cache hidden is usually a small waterproof container containing a log book and sometimes a pen or pencil.

“You write your established codename and the date in order to prove that you found it.”

Participants broke up into groups of three and four and were instructed on how to use the GPS device.

Once they were set, they raced around Hart reserve, uncovering little treasures of stamps placed in containers, where they marked a piece of paper to prove they were found.

The warm weather saw all those running from post to post, thoroughly worn out, yet enjoyed the experience of something new.

Isaac Jacobs thought the afternoon was great finding the activity.

“(It was) very fun and educational for us to learn from,” he said.

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