New scrapes on par as golf season starts

By TWGC Captain

Paul Shields

Opening Day 1 Apr 17

Sponsor: Paul and Debby Shields

The 2017 Two Wells Golf Season started with a good gathering of 17 men and 2 Ladies on Saturday. Captain Paul Shields welcomed all on behalf of the president and vice president who were both working. Paul acknowledged the efforts of all the members who were able to attend the two weekend working bees and achieved a great deal with cleaning up the course including the spreading of new sand on all the scrapes.

There were lots of other tasks identified by the course manager and the captain, which were completed to ensure the course was ready for the opening day.

Paul advised the members of the recent passing of Graham Applebee who played many seasons at the TWGC.

New member Brett Betro was also introduced to all and played with Paul to get the lay of the course.

John Ball also passed on his best wishes to the members and wished them the best for the season. John, who is currently injured, will make his return in the next few weeks.

The first group consisting of Hans Linford, Danny Smith and Andrew Baker were watched by all as they hit off the 1st tee.

All received words of encouragement with their mixed array of shots.

A Grade was won by Paul Shields 34 pts with newcomer Brett Betro 2nd with 30 points, which for his first knock on Two Wells wasn’t bad.

Brett played quite well and managed to find a couple of our hidden gems which we have all landed in and as I stated to him good experience for future rounds. Andrew Baker finished 3rd with 27 pts.

B Grade was a close affair with Ian Gameau holding off Ian Smith on a count back, both with 41 points and 3rd going to Steve Kelly on a count back from Rabbit.

Other Results: H. Linford 33, I Clark 31, N. Bowden 30, G Payne 30, J. Weir 30, R. Prior 29, M. Hart 29, J. Spackman 28, C. Barker 22 and D. Smith 13 points.

Kathy Stubing and Leanne Brooks played with Ray Prior and Ian Gameau and gave the boys a chase for a while.

Kathy finished with 34 pts and Leanne with 29 pts. Word on the course is that we can expect the return of Gemma in the next few weeks.

Julie has also indicated she will pop down from her new home in Kapunda for a hit with the girls during the season.

The overall comments by the members on Saturday was positive with the new scrape covering as balls were staying on the scrapes and they smoothed quite well.

They will improve in the weeks to come.

Most importantly they are consistent.

With a few members still away the fields will increase in the coming weeks.

8 Apr 17

Sponsor: Drummond Golf

A Grade was won by John Ball, who is recovering from an elbow injury, so as they say, beware the injured golfer.

John had a solid 38 pts, which given his first look at the new scrape covering, is a great effort.

Ian Clark edged out Gary Payne on a count back for 2nd both with 36 pts.

B Grade was won by Steve Kelly with 37 pts on a count back from Hans Linford and Jim Weir 3rd with 34 pts.

Other Results: A Grade: B. Betro 32, R. Hogg 31, I. Smith 31, P. Shields 30, I. Gameau 27, A. Baker 24 and R. Thompson 21 Pts.

B  Grade: Spackman 30, R. Prior 25 and D. Smith 16 pts. 

15 Apr 17

Sponsor: Paul and Debby Shields

The day was quite warm for Easter and a great field of 16 players playing on the long weekend was good to see.

The course is still waiting for the opening rain to generate that familiar green we are all used to seeing. Gary and John managed to oil up three scrapes during the week and they came up a treat with all commenting on the new surfaces.

Captain Paul Shields started slowly with a bogey and then turned on a golfing lesson for his playing partners with five pars and a birdie on the front nine for 22 pts despite the last two holes with only a point each.

Steve Kelly also massed 20 points on the front nine to establish a good start for a solid round.

The back nine holes proved tougher for many with the winds but generally the course was playing well despite the hard surface.

A Grade was won by Paul Shields with a solid 38 points with Chris Barker, Ian Smith both on 34 points taking the minor placings.

B Grade was won by Steve Kelly finishing with 37 points with Ray Prior and Jim Weir the closest each with 31 points for 2nd and 3rd.


A Grade: P. Shields 38, C. Barker 34, I. Smith 34, I. Clark 34, A. Christou 34, G. Payne 33, J. Ball 33 and R. Hogg 30 Pts.

B  Grade: S. Kelly 37, R. Prior 31, J. Weir 31, H. Linford 30, J. Spackman 29, J. Mills 28 and M. Dimasi 28 Pts.

22 Apr 17

Sponsor: Two Wells Tavern


Eighteen players fronted to take on the challenge of the first Stroke round for this season.

The rain hopefully will kick start the fairways with a good coverage, just waiting for the rain and sun to work their natural magic.

The weather on the day was surprisingly warm and light winds throughout the day until later in the afternoon when the south easterlies sprung up.

A Grade was dominated on the day by newcomer Brett Betro who shot three birdies during the round to card a very respective round of 83/65 off the stick. Brett hit the ball well most of the day and like many found obstacles on the 9th and 16th.

He was also solid with his 25 putts, which means he is adapting to the sand scrapes.

Gary Payne also played well to finish 2nd with 88/68 off the stick.

John Ball finishing 3rd with 94/75 just in front of playing partner Bobby Hogg.

The Monthly Medal was won by Brett Betro.

B Grade was a close affair with count backs galore. Ian Gameau 89/67 holding off playing partner Doug Burford 96/67 to take out B Grade.

Jim Weir with 91/69 holding off good mate and playing partner Steve Kelly 91/69 on a count back for 3rd.

Again comments by members and watching some putting during the round proved that the club has moved forward to make the scrapes consistent.

With some topping up of some holes and oiling them they will be very good in weeks to come.

I saw several balls pitch in and hold which was promising for everyone.

Gary and John were again busy replacing the new cups on most of the scrapes.

Several photos have been placed on Facebook each week of the members I play with to capture the moments and provide history for the club.

Bobby Hogg was seen to be laying up on the 16th with his tee shot allegedly hitting a tree and coming back towards the tee block.

His playing partners commented it was a lay-up chip shot and not a hit tree to allow him to attack the fairway over the hill which he smashed like the A Grade player he is.

The 2016 Matchplay final result was played due to conflicting dates late last year between Hans Linford and Gary Payne.

Hans was successful and it wrapped up a very good season for him with his efforts overall last year.


A Grade: B. Betro 65, G. Payne 67, J. Ball 75, R. Hogg 76P. Shields 77 and A. Bail net 84.

C.  Grade: I. Gameau 67, D. Burford 67, J. Weir 69, S. Kelly 69, H. Linford 72J. Spackman 73, N. Bowden 76, I. Smith 80, I. Clark 84, , D. Thompson 82 and D. Smith nett 91.

2017 Match Play draw;

A.  Bail bye 1st rd, J. Spackman v A. Christou, J. Weir v D. Smith, I. Clark bye 1st rd, P. Shields v G. Payne, R. Prior bye 1st rd, C. Barker bye 1st rd, I. Smith bye 1st rd, J. Mills bye 1st rd, S. Kelly v H. Linford, B. Betro bye 1st rd.

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