Two Wells Melodrama

This year’s Two Wells Melodrama Group production will surely tempt with an abundance of delights awaiting the audience when the show hits the stage throughout May.

Directed by Eleisha Arbon and written by Sarah Groom, “A Sweet Tale” takes in the fictional land of Lollipop Land, where workers happily go about their days creating wonderful sweets to sell to the world.

The land is ruled by a very creative king who has come up with a clever plan to save the factory and its people from the oncoming effects of global thawing.

However, the evil sisters from the nearby Salty Plains have different ideas and are coming to take over the land.

Will they prevail? Will Lollipop Land and its people be saved or just fall under the rule of two evil sisters?

Come along and watch the show, sing along with the songs and find out if the world ends!

Beneficiary groups from this year’s show include Adelaide Plains Equestrian Club, Lower North Gun Club, Two Wells (TW) CWA, TW Red Cross, TW Uniting Church, TW Catholic Church, TW Lutheran Church, TW Anglican Church, TW Scouts, TW Golf Club, TW Football & Netball Sporting Club, TW Melodrama Group, Two Wells & Lewiston Landcare.

Ticket holders are encouraged to indicate their beneficiary group of choice by naming one or more of those listed above at time of booking.

Tickets can be purchased in person at the Two Wells IGA store or by emailing

Performance dates are May 12, May 13, May 20, May 21, May 26, and May 27.

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