Students build better relationships through positive playing

A new lunchtime initiative at Virginia Primary School is having a positive impact on school-yard relationships and student engagement while facing bullying issues head on.

VPS PE teacher, James Yates, who is coordinating the new Proactive Play program, says the activities provided gave more opportunities for children to be part of engaging and structured activities during play breaks.

Some of the activities students have participated in include tennis games, sports day activities, dance, photography, cricket, soccer tournaments and Ogobuild.

Students can book in to participate in activities they are interested in.

“So far Ogobuild has been very, very popular with the kids,” Mr Yates said.

“Ogobuild involves a high level of teamwork, oral language and problem solving skills in order to successfully build a structure.”

VPS principal Ilia Tsoutouras agreed the program had been widely welcomed by the students, saying it was “really pleasing” to see their engagement and teamwork as well as their vocabulary skills improve throughout the range of activities on offer.

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