Program planned to recycle coastal litter

Adelaide Plains Council has joined a growing number of South Australian local government organisations by getting involved with the Hook Line and Thinker fishing line recycling program.

Fishing line and related litter is harmful in coastal environments.

It takes hundreds of years to degrade, its light colour makes it difficult for wildlife to see and it is known to strangle, starve, entangle, mutilate and/or be eaten by wildlife that live both in and out of the

Adelaide Plains Council General Manager Infrastructure Martin Waddington said the Hook, Line and Thinker program aims to increase public awareness about marine litter and provides a method of disposal at popular fishing spots, before the litter ends up in metropolitan waters, where it causes significant damage to the fragile ecology of the aquatic environment.

Items that can be safely disposed of include fishing plastics, such as old line and netting, sinkers, hooks and lures.

Other items such as bait and packaging still need to be deposited in general or recycling bins.

“While the initial intention is the removal of recreational fishing related litter from the environment, implementation of this program not only promotes good fishing practices but also enables a better understanding of the types and amounts of debris entering local coastal and marine systems over time,” Mr Waddington said.

“The material collected will be sorted and assessed so that future programs can be initiated.”

Hook, Line and Thinker bins will be located at Parham, Webb Beach, Thompson Beach and Middle Beach.

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