Habits of mind support improved NAPLAN results at Virginia Primary School

For the second year running Virginia Primary School has improved its NAPLAN results and been recognised by the Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting Authority (ACAPA), this time for gains in reading for Years 3-5.

The ACAPA recently named 30 schools across the state, including VPS, as having great improvement in the areas of reading, writing and numeracy.

VPS principal, Ilia Tsoutouras, said while the results were warmly welcomed, they were just one aspect of the school’s commitment to improving not only reading and writing skills across the grades, but also student’s life skills, empathy and attitude to learning.

“We know from placing our own data that the same thing happens in maths and also reading for Years 5-7,” Mr Tsoutouras said.

“Over the last four years we have been tracking this progress.

“We use a range of data sets to find out where children are at (and) we’ve been focused on intentional teaching, getting feedback to each child outlining their needs.”

Mr Tsoutouras said teaching children to be “effective and quality learners” was a key to the school’s improving NAPLAN results.

“We’re also really tuned in to teaching children habits of mind,” he said.

“As a school we’re really intentional about understanding the ‘why’ and going deep.”

Students at VPS are encouraged to strive for accuracy and apply past knowledge when learning, Mr Tsoutouras said, and are also supported to be persistent, empathetic and good listeners.

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