Community to drive Lewiston focal point

Adelaide Plains Council has ceased moving into the final stages of the Lewiston Community Focal Point Study.

The community groups with a vested interest in establishing a community centre located in Lewiston, namely the Adelaide Plains Kennel and Obedience Club, South Australian Dressage Association, The Two Wells Trotting Owners and Trainers Association and the Adelaide Plains Equestrian Club, are now being encouraged to take over the driving seat of establishing a community facility.

Adelaide Plains Council development and community manager, Robert Veitch, spoke about the report, ‘Lewiston Community Focal Point study – Issues and Opportunities’ at February’s council meeting, saying the original nature of the report was to flag building something brand new.

“This is to say that it’s actually agreed that that’s probably not going to happen,” Mr Veitch said.

The report by URPS outlined five options for a community focal point in Lewiston ranging in price from $1 million to around $3 million.

Councillors decided a motion was not needed and it is an expectation of council staff to continue working with the community groups.

Adelaide Plains Equestrian Club treasurer, Tracey Smith, says the group has been working with council for the last five years regarding a shared use facility for a number of community groups.

The nature of support envisioned from council would be in-kind, for example, assistance to obtain government grants when they became available, but no “financial outlay is expected”.

Tracey believes the next step for the community groups is to collaborate.

“The potential is there to develop something of significant benefit to the community,” she said.

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