An enchanting experience with Adele

life could be summed up as a series of experiences – good, bad, ones we’d like to remember and ones we wouldn’t.

However, there are some moments captured in time that we are simply blessed to have been a part of, for no other reason than to feel good about it, to revel in it.

I experienced the amazing Adele at her Adelaide concert last month.

I’ve never really won anything, apart from the raffle at the K-Mart Christmas party way back when I was studying at uni.  That was a buzz.

I had already vicariously been to her concert through interstate friends posting on Facebook.

I had won two tickets to see Adele through the Advertiser.

Immediately I pictured myself in a corporate box, nibbling on Peking duck whilst sipping a craft beer.  Sweet!

Reality quickly checked in and I was made aware that the tickets were standing only, no corporate box, I would have to line up for beer and drink it – standing.

I took a breath, graciously accepted my win and asked the in-laws to babysit the three kids.

My husband Jorge was pleasantly surprised, although he too had old person reservations about not having a seat. We pushed through.

Our tickets had GA (general admission) on one side, and so we were directed to the ‘hill’, but after approaching another attendant, I showed him the other side of the winning tickets, which read ‘Golden Circle Standing’!

I was Charlie after he unwrapped his chocolate bar to reveal a golden ticket to Wonka heaven, ‘we’ve got a golden ticket.’

Off we were ushered straight to the middle of the venue.

With a spring in our step we strode past rows of numbered garden chairs, past another set of security and issued with VIP wrist bands.

Before I left home that afternoon, I put on my mother’s necklace, a pendant of her star sign on a gold chain, she was a Capricorn, as am I.

I thought that I would take her with me tonight, as even though she passed before Adele released her first hit, she would have sung those tunes loudly, albeit incorrectly as she usually did.

The stage lowered, the screens lifted, and the lights zoned in on an angelic creature resplendent in a sparkling maroon ball gown, who opened her mouth and sent goosebumps through the suburbs.

A perfect rendition of “Hello” – strong, powerful, captivating.

Being so close to the stage, the piano invaded through the soles of my feet and beat out of my heart.  I held back tears.

The audience embraced one another.

I was relieved I held onto those tickets, because that moment in time is something I will try to impress in my memory for as long as possible.

At the end of her first number she welcomed the crowd with her incredibly incongruent accent, allowing individuals to take a deep breath, and prepare for the ride of the next two hours.

She was chatty and funny, and if you didn’t already feel like she had reached into your soul and articulated in song something that you could never express yourself, she made you want to get to know her and become her bestie.

I think my husband has a new crush.

When she wasn’t talking and making the crowd fall even more in love with her, she sang to us, on behalf of us, and for us, with lyrics and passion that say, I hear you, I’ve been there, we’ll make it through.

A heavenly conduit providing nourishment for the soul.

An incredible, flawless performance.  No description could be superfluous.

Being so close to her, and the musicians, gave the evening and experience such a personal sensation.  I was grateful to be there.

I could quite possibly have been mistaken for a Pentecostal happy clapper on a Sunday morning.

And after the night had reached its climax and we walked from the stadium under a clear sky, lit by a full moon, I habitually reached for the Capricorn sitting on my heart and had a moment of realisation.

This night – my part in it, was orchestrated by mum.

I could hear her sentiment clearly – that if you’re too busy to create memories, then make sure you catch the moments that are given to you, and kid…..Hello from the other side. XX

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