Frahm’s festive display delights

Looking for a great way to get you into the Christmas spirit?

Teresa and Jason Frahm of Angle Vale can help you along.

Each year their Christmas lights display has new features added, and they are pretty excited for everyone to see.

The lights turn on at 8.30pm every night, weather permitting, and will be lighting up until New Year’s Eve.

“Jason and I have put months and months of hard work into this display,” Teresa said.

“We attend a weekend workshop once a year with other Christmas light enthusiasts to find out what new technology is coming in regards to lights and software, and also to show off what we have done the previous year.

“Jason and I began doing Christmas lights 14 years ago, it started with just one strand of lights on the gutter and from there I was hooked!

“I would go to the midnight sales after Christmas every year to pick up more lights to add to my display.

“Every year it gets bigger and better.

“We start putting up the display at the beginning of October.

“There is a lot of preparation before they can go out, I usually take two weeks off just so I can have them all ready for switch on, which is always pageant day, because that is the official beginning of Christmas.”

Teresa says all the light sets are numbered and stored on her computer so she knows exactly where everything is plugged in, in case there’s a problem.

“Last year we started with computer controlled lights,” she said.

“We have leaping arches over our driveway and this year we added the mega tree standing at 6.5 meters high, with 36 strings, and a total of 5400 pixels.

“Each pixel can be individually controlled via a special computer program called X Lights. “We also have Santa in one window, checking his list, eating milk and cookies and waving to all the kids.

“In my other window I have Santa’s workshop, both are proving to be a huge hit with the kids.”

Teresa admits that it is a lot of hard work but it’s all worth it in the end when she sees the look and excitement on the kid’s faces and hears their squeals of delight.

“That’s what it’s all about,” she said.

“These days, times are tough for a lot of families, so we do this for to the community to give them just a little bit of joy.”

Just remember though, when visiting the lights, keep an eye on your little ones and keep in mind the neighbours.

Teresa is mindful of the homes near her display and asks that keen visitors don’t park in front of their driveways and or go traipsing on their front lawns.

If you would like to go and have a look, head to 24 Edmonds Road, Angle Vale.

Make sure you sign the visitor’s book, as Teresa loves reading what people have written and seeing the pictures the children draw.You can even take a sneak peek online at Teresa and Jason’s Xmas Light Display facebook page.

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