A fruitful passion for produce

A day in the life of Dublin greengrocer, Michael Dimasi

• What is your name and what is your occupation?
Michael Dimasi.  I am a Produce Marketer, otherwise known as a fruiterer or greengrocer.  I am the owner/operator of Dublin Fruit and Veg, along with my brother Frank.

• How long have you been in this industry?
10 years, but my family has worked in the industry for as long as I can remember. Frank and I took over their business. My grandparents would even grow their own produce.

• Describe your usual day, starting from when you get up to when your head hits the pillow.
I wake up at 2.30 am on market days, which are Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I need to get to Pooraka markets to purchase our products, and then head back to Dublin to unload the truck whilst setting up the shop, ready for our opening time of 8am.

I have come to know the wholesalers in Pooraka well and enjoy catching up with them, even when it is so early in the morning.

You have to get to know where your produce is coming from to give the best to your clients. Throughout the day I serve customers and continually restock the shelves.

• What studies/requirements do you need to fulfil to be able to do this type of work?

There are no studies required to do this job, you just need to show an initiative in the industry and gain some experience.  However, being good at addition is a big help as well as having a business mind!

• What type of changes have you seen in the industry?

People aren’t buying in bulk as much as they used to. Fruit and vegetable isn’t confined to seasons anymore. Importing and growing innovation has changed this.

Obviously with so many big supermarkets being built, many small fruit and vegetable traders have disappeared. We always try to buy local produce and steer clear of imported goods.

• What do you enjoy about this occupation?  Have you enjoyed any particular highlights throughout your experiences?

I enjoy interacting with people.  We have come to know our locals and enjoy catching up with them when they walk through the door.

We also have a lot of travellers pass through town sharing their experiences, so there is never a dull moment!

• What advice would you give to anyone who is looking at entering this industry?

If you are a morning person, have good communication skills, enjoy interacting with people, and can withstand long hours this could be a job for you!

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