Two Wells Courthouse renovation

You may have noticed some work being carried out upon the heritage listed ‘Courthouse’ building on the main street of Two Wells.

Craft Shop volunteer, Diane Meaney, was able to secure a reasonable quote to progress the restoration using money saved from the Craft Shop’s profits, which is what the building is currently being used for, and from a generous contribution from the Two Wells Regional Action Team (TWRAT).

The Courthouse was built in 1876 and retains its stately presence in the heart of the town.

It is hoped the facelift on the exterior will restore the handsome façade of the remarkable building.

Craft Shop volunteers and the TWRAT are very excited about the renovations, with some patch work and a fresh coat of paint, it is hoped that the building will look “nice and brand new,” said Di.

The contractors undertaking the project were the same company that completed the renovations to the interior of the building a few years ago, and it is trusted they will be able to “put a bit of life back into the building,” Di said.

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