Three from six for Roosters

Report: Neville “Cheeky” Seccafien TW A grade coach

The start of the APFL 2016 season sees both Two Wells A & B grades with three wins and three losses after six rounds.

Inconsistency during games has seen some good periods of play that if played for longer periods may well have resulted in more wins

The loss of some key players in Lee Allmond to Flinders Park, Eamon Fetherstonhaugh and Lachy Franklin to travel (Canada) as well as Khan Leighton to work commitments, has tested the depth of the A grade squad for 2016.

However TWFC has managed to secure the services of Aaron Dart from Barmera Monash, Andrew Ladhams from Birdwood, Mark Hamlyn from Kingston SE and James Lean from Flinders Park to offset these player losses.

Add to that the promotion of last years Under 17’s medalist Noah Barnet and promising juniors Jamie Humphrys and Tyler Morrison, and the squad still looks promising.

Injuries have also played their part in the inconsistent form.

A season-ending knee injury to Braidon Osborne, long term injuries to Anthony Pontt and Andrew Hardiman, which won’t see them back in action till just before finals, have all impacted.

This, coupled with hamstring injuries to Theo Markou, Josh Pellizzari and Lee Henderson, makes for a long injury list.

However, the return to the club of Harrison Gameau from Woodville/West Torrens and Shannon Slattery from employment in Tasmania has also bolstered our ranks.

There have been some very good performers in the first six games with Tallan Leighton, Aaron Dart, Lee Henderson and Ned Seccafien featuring in the best players most weeks.

We take on Hamley Bridge in the next week before the long weekend bye, with optimism that we can come away with wins in both grades to go into the break with a 5-3 win-loss ratio.

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