“That’s a big 10-4…”Chloe earns radio badge

Hard work and effort has paid off for Two Wells Scout Group member, Chloe Sharpe, who received her amateur radio operators badge last month.

Amateur Radio is a hobby based on radio communications technology and is becoming more and more popular as people look to communicate on a more personal level.

Chloe completed her Amateur Radio Operators Course and received her license last year, supported and encouraged throughout the process by her dad, Andrew Sharpe, who also is an amateur radio operator.

In Year 7 at Trinity College, Gawler River, Chloe has had a strong interest in amateur radio for some time, and as part of the course requirements participated in the annual JOTA (Jamboree of the Air) event held in Adelaide last October.

JOTA involves youths and adults from all over the world contacting one another via radio.

To achieve her operators license, Chole was required to sit a theory and practical assessment, which involved demonstrating knowledge of setting up the radio equipment as well as how to use it correctly.

Chloe is learning more about the radio world each time she signs in, and while at times she finds it difficult knowing what to say to a complete stranger on the other side of the country, she is embracing this “old-fashioned” technology.

“It’s like playing an instrument, the first time you do it you go ‘whoa this is hard’ but the more you play the better you get,” she explained.

“This is something I can do with my Dad and I can also talk to people across the world, plus it involves maths and science elements, which I quite enjoy.”

Obtaining the amateur radio operators badge is not a common occurence, especially for someone so young and the Two Wells Scout Group is thrilled by her achievement.

TWSG leader, Andrew Ashton says Chloe is, at the current time, the only youth member to wear this badge.

“Everyone at Two Wells Scout Group is very excited for Chloe to receive this badge and we look forward to her inspiring more youth to try their hands at radio operating,” he said.

Former TWSG leader and avid radio enthusiast and fellow amateur radio operator, Ian “Radar” Laughton, officially presented Chloe with her badge on Thursday May 5.

Congratulations Chloe. And for all you radio enthusiasts out there, Chloe’s unique call sign is VK5FCES.

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