Nuclear notion put to SA residents

REGIONAL South Australians were amongst 25,000 residents to help decide the state’s involvement in the nuclear fuel cycle.

Letters were sent in the post earlier in this month to randomly selected residents, inviting them to take part in the first Citizens’ Jury relating to SA’s potential future in the nuclear industry.

The first jury, involving about 50 people, will be asked to determine the key questions arising from the Royal Commission’s Final Report that South Australians should consider and discuss in the next phase of statewide consultation.

This jury will meet over two weekends, on June 25 and 26, as well as July 9 and 10, and members will be remunerated for their

“This jury will consider the findings of the Royal Commission, and have access to expert witnesses to help them work through the issues and better understand the options,” Premier, Jay Weatherill said.

It is the first of three phases in the consultation process, following the release of the Final Report of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission.

“All South Australians will have the opportunity to have their say, as we will be conducting a state-wide engagement program following the first Citizens’ Jury,” Mr Weatherill said. After the first Citizens’ Jury determines key questions to be considered, all South Australians will then be given a chance to respond via community meetings, information centres, social media and online engagement, a free-call number and a specific consultation program for Aboriginal people.

A second Citizens’ Jury, of about 350 people, will then produce a report to the government outlining the community’s position.

The State Government will outline its position on South Australia’s involvement in the nuclear fuel cycle by the end of the year.

“Ultimately it will be a decision for the government to make, however this process will enable us to have an informed debate and gain a clear understanding of the community’s position on this important matter for our State’s future,” Mr Weatherill said.

The Royal Commission has identified that South Australia can safely increase its participation in the nuclear fuel cycle to deliver significant economic benefits to the state.

The final report of the Royal Commission was delivered to the government on May 6 and publicly released on May 9.

The report makes 12 key recommendations regarding the deepening of South Australia’s involvement in the nuclear fuel cycle, including pursuing the establishment of nuclear fuel and intermediate level waste storage facilities in South Australia.

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