Nicola follows her writing dream

Local Lewiston author and mum of four, Nicola Sinclair, has achieved her dream of being a published writer.

Nicola, who originally hails from South Africa, was born with a writer’s imagination, yet it took her 30 years to finally work up the courage to put her words onto paper.

“I was always a daydreamer,” she says.

“As a child I remember walking to school, dreaming about adventures I would have along the way.

“Then suddenly I would arrive at school and be disappointed that I would have to leave my dreams for the real world.”

In her teens she won competitions for her writing, but her lack of confidence and the pressure to find a stable career led her to university where she studied science.

Despite going on to earn postgraduate qualifications in Environmental Management and Environmental Health, the urge to write was too strong to resist.

“When I started writing my first manuscript I wasn’t even thinking of publication, I just needed to get the story out of my head,” Nicola explained.

“I finished the entire book in less than a month and I was finally able to get a good night’s sleep because I knew I wouldn’t forget anything.

“It was all on the paper.”

One story, however, wasn’t enough, and pretty soon she was back at her computer, tapping away at the keyboard as more stories needed unfolding.

Although Nicola is an eclectic reader who frequently skips from fantasy and romance to crime fiction, and won’t say no to a biography or a poetry compilation, her own work is Australian rural and contemporary romance, which is a burgeoning genre in Australia.

For her, a good romance is a love story that you just have to know how it ends.

One where, even though you know there will be the requisite ‘happily ever after’, you still want to know how it comes about.

When asked about her writing process, Nicola just shakes her head and grins.

“It all starts with a daydream,” she said. “Some might call it plotting, but I just like to dream.”

From there, she writes a basic outline of her story, but then her characters enjoy free reign to take her where they will, often turning their noses up at her storyline and moving the plot in an entirely new direction.

The Peters Junction Series is set in a fictional town in rural South Australia inspired by the town of Peterborough.

In Secret, a young author who moved to the town to protect her anonymity is offered an opportunity too good to pass up, but it puts her in the path of Australia’s favourite and most easily recognisable actor, Lachlan Kennedy.  The main character, April, must decide if falling in love is worth the risk of also exposing the very secrets she’s spent years trying to bury.

Nicola is self-publishing her three novels on the internet.

After hiring a freelance editor in the United States to professionally proofread and scrutinise her books, she chose to publish this way rather than wait to be picked up by a publishing company as she was eager to share her stories.

All three books are available as eBooks and can be downloaded from all major eBook retailers such as Amazon, iBooks and Kobo. You can even download the first chapter of the book to see if you like it for free, “almost like a try before you buy,” laughs Nicola.

Secret was released on May 30.

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