Clean living the saviour for Yvette’s family

“Don’t underestimate the cleaning and healing power of nature”.
That’s the advice of one Two Wells resident who has transformed her life, and that of her family, by using natural products throughout her home.
Take a look in Yvette Brewin’s laundry or kitchen cupboard and you’d be a little surprised.
Yvette has long thrown out the more traditional chemical methods of cleaning and replaced them with lemon and eucalyptus-based products.
And in doing so Yvette, along with husband Justin, and children Jayden, 15 and Annalyse, 13, are reveling in better health and saving money.
Yvette says ever since her daughter was a little baby, she has suffered from eczema and no amount of steroid skin creams or lotions would ease the painful itching and burning.
She visited countless doctors, skin specialists and dermatologists, even a homeopath and naturopath but the eczema persisted.
It got to the point where Annalyse’s skin pigment started changing and she was left looking brown and blotchy, which knocked her confidence.
However, about three years ago, a chance encounter with an old acquaintance prompted Yvette to make a change that would have a very positive effect on her family – she went chemical free.
“I just put my other cleaning and shower stuff in a box and went chemical free,” she said.
“I went back to basics, back to mother nature.
“This is what changed my family’s life.”
By using lemon and eucalyptus-based products throughout her home, including cleaning, beauty, shower, laundry and skin products, Yvette says she noticed a difference within days.
“We changed everything, especially anything that touched our skin,” she said.
“After about six weeks of making the change Annalyse’s eczema went and has not come back.
“She doesn’t need to apply creams daily anymore.”
Yvette’s son, Jayden, has been a chronic asthmatic all his life.
A few months after going chemical-free, his condition had improved dramatically, so much so, his own pediatrician was astounded.
“We went to our pediatrician, whom we see quarterly and he was blown away with how my son hardly had any asthma and passed his lung capacity test for the first time ever,” Yvette said.
“He asked me if I had made any changes and I told him I had removed chemicals out of the home and he said whatever you’re doing keep on doing it.
“We are all a healthier and happier family now, even our septic tank is happy due to everything we use being biodegradable.
“There are choices out there.”
Yvette is happy to talk to anyone who might be interested in changing their homes to be chemical free. Contact her on 0418 804 450.

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