Angle Vale’s growing pains

Growth and development – two words that can divide small communities into those who welcome the change and those who vehemently resist.

It is important to note the people of Angle Vale are “all for growth and development, just not housing estates with little blocks of land,” said local resident Danielle Matthews at the Playford Council meeting held on May 24th

“We just don’t want to be Munno Para West.”

In excess of 30 residents attended the council meeting in support of Rosa Librandi, whose home is on the development’s boundary and who presented the petition to council.

The petition collected 710 signatures from residents in a bid to restrict future developments, already planned for the area, from block sizes of smaller than 1800sqm.

“Residents are deeply concerned of the impact smaller allotments will have on Angle Vale,” Mrs Librandi said. “Impacts to school, childcare centres, and the kindergartens, which are already at capacity and have no room for expansion.”

She also stated concern for the development’s impact on traffic, citing congestion on local roads already an issue, and also the impacts on infrastructure, character and diversity.

“Angle Vale and One Tree Hill are the only two areas in Playford that provide the lifestyle choice of people who want to live on larger allotments,” she said. 

“Take away Angle Vale and you’re only left with One Tree Hill.”

Gary Nau, resident of Angle Vale for six years, believes the way the “message of expansion and development was conveyed to the community was not successful,” as it appeared at the town meeting, held on May 12, that people did not know what was going on.

The meeting, organised by State Member for Light, Tony Piccolo was attended by 300 people, where it was noted that 80% were against the development’s small allotment sizes.

Following this, the developer took into account the characteristic surroundings of Angle Vale and adopted a lower density approach, to be respectful of the area.

Although zoning permission enables allotments of smaller than 500sqm, the 138 allotments will range in size from 500sqm to 1200sqm with an average land size of 720sqm.

Previously the smallest allotment size approved was 250sqm.

A small victory for the residents of Angle Vale, who will now look towards the future of the township to retain the current lifestyle enjoyed.

Talk of forming an ‘Angle Vale Progress Association’ made up of concerned townspeople to formally represent the views of the people in Angle Vale has begun.

Angle Vale resident, Naomi Bassham conducted a poll on the local facebook site, ‘Everything Angle Vale’, to survey local’s concerns. 

“Top responses indicated concerns of traffic, schooling, and land value,” she said.

Also highly desired on the list were safe school-crossings, footpaths, stormwater issues fixed and transparency in government/council decisions.

Another local, Clint Marsh, identified the communication process of the councillors as an issue.

“Two of the councillors of our ward were largely absent to take time aside and give advice,” he said.

City of Playford Mayor, Glenn Docherty, stated, “The Angle Vale Development is a well planned community and will grow with infrastructure and services to support the needs of the local community, now and into the future.”

Playford Council has entered into infrastructure agreements with the landowners in the growth areas, as well as the State Government, to ensure roads are upgraded to cater for the growing population, that new sporting and community facilities are developed and appropriate stormwater infrastructure is delivered to ensure existing and new properties.

Growth in the north is not just limited to Angle Vale.

Virginia is also set to benefit from a confident investment in the region’s future.

Stage 2 of Virginia Grove, called ‘The Green’, will be comprised of 478 allotments.

“This development will be a boost for further jobs in the community over a long period of time which creates greater investment into the northern region,” Mayor Docherty said.

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