New Vision

New District Council of Mallala chief executive officer, James Miller, has had a lot to take in since being appointed to the role in March but he’s adamant the region has a positive future and is taking steps to make it so.
Mr Miller has five key platforms from which he believes DCM can improve, plan and grow.
These platforms include governance improvements, people and relationship building, organisational structure and labour improvements, organisational development and resourcing of staff, and branding.
At just 38 years of age, Mr Miller, who was “learning the ropes” at Light Regional Council prior to his appointment at DCM, was touted as a CEO-in-waiting for that council.
As well as his five platforms, Mr Miller also highlighted three big-ticket opportunities for the council in going forward, one of these being to seize on the growth opportunities in the district.
“Here in Two Wells there are going to be 3,500 new allotments and a population increase of 10,000,” he said.
“There’s going to be a need to grow the retail precinct and the education precinct to support this growth to build a sustainable future.
“I think there’s some really wonderful opportunities that, if we really position ourselves at the table, we can get some great outcomes.”
Second on Mr Miller’s top three action list was supporting, nurturing and importantly, growing, the food bowl areas of the district, saying council had the potential to tap into some “really big investment”.
He also highlighted council’s intention to conduct a horticultural and rural lands DPA (Development Plan Amendment) in the coming financial year.
This DPA, he said, would make development policy practices more straightforward and encourage big business to invest and build in the region.
“That’s really about getting a policy suite in place that provides certainty for developers that when they lodge a development they have a relatively easy passage through,” he said.
Thirdly on Mr Miller’s list was the importance of the recently announced International Bird Sanctuary, which will encompass most of the coastline in the district.
This sanctuary, he said, could have a big impact on tourism in the region, with people travelling from across the state, nationally and even worldwide to see particular species of birds, which can only be found along these shores.
“In a tourism sense there’s a wonderful opportunity there,” he said.
“If you get people here to visit the sanctuary, what other opportunities are there for Two Wells and the broader district?”
The 2016/17 financial year is shaping up to be another busy one for DCM, with reviews of council’s long term financial plan and strategic plan scheduled.
Council is also currently finalising its draft 2016/17 budget and annual business plan, which Mr Miller said, would normally already be out for public consultation at this time of year.
However, the recent king tide which hit the coast in the district early in May meant planning workshops had to be postponed, and as a result, the draft document will not be available publicly until this month.
Watch this space.

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