Youth bus visits Mallala with a message

Message to residents from Duncan Kennington

Recently I attended the 3rd in a series of Regional Youth Bus events, which was at Mallala.

Others have been held at Dublin and Two Wells.

The bus supports local young people through fun activities, education, referrals and links to support services.

It is packed with the latest technologies including gaming, music and Wi-Fi; all in a supervised safe environment whilst hanging out with friends.

Team Duncan competed in the Parham Social Club quiz night on Saturday September 5.

I feel that if it wasn’t for a controversy concerning a maths question we may have performed even better than the 3rd we achieved.

Of course there was no controversy with the kitchen staff consisting of Taylor Franklin, Georgie Dobson, Raelene Hargan, and John Quintrell, who performed admirably.

Allen and Becky Parkin, in the bar, kept us well stocked with fanta.

On September 16 I had the pleasure of speaking to the Mallala Probus Club.

We went overtime due to the numerous interesting questions.

I appreciated the warm hospitality of the group.

In particular, thanks to Margaret Marshman for the invite, Josie Curnow for seamless chairing, Annette Halford for acceptance confirmation and Allan Parker for presenting me with some delicious chocolates, which were devoured the same day.

Our quarterly Citizenship Ceremony was held on Thursday September 17. Congratulations to our brand new citizens: Suzette Rugolo, Masoud Saadati and Mina Asadi.

The next Citizenship Ceremony will occur on Australia Day, Tuesday January 26, 2016.

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