Paddling their way to better learning

What do Richard Branson, Whoopi Goldberg, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Cher, Leonardo DaVinci and Brenton Carle all have in common? 

They have all experienced what it is like to live with Dyslexia. 

Canoe The Coorong is very proud to be partnering with the great team at Dyslexia SA to run annual camps for groups of talented, young dyslexic students. 

The aim of the camp is to encourage students to stay engaged in their learning, realise their dreams and maximise their potential in an already challenging world, whilst experiencing the wonders of the Coorong. 

Local Willamstown boy and owner operator of Canoe the Coorong, Brenton Carle, joined DAGBAGS (soon to be Dyslexia SA) to provide local dyslexic students from Gawler, Barossa, Angle Vale and Salisbury with the opportunity to spend the day with him kayaking on the Coorong and hearing about his dyslexic journey.  

Brenton can relate to the challenges that face young people with learning difficulties. 

“From a young age, I have struggled with dyslexia through schooling and university but I managed to set-up my own successful kayaking business,” he said.

“It wasn’t easy, but I am very proud of my accomplishment of being a Flinders University Eco Tourism graduate. 

“I believe Canoe The Coorong tour provides a great opportunity for students to have open communication about the life experience of a person living with dyslexia.”

Many students living with dyslexia can find the academic world frustrating and stressful.

The aim of this camp is to show the students that they are not alone in their studies and that they have the ability to accomplish and dream that they set their mind to.

By engaging with students and using personal experiences to help motivate and inspire young people with dyslexia, Brenton is helping others to take a challenge and make it a gift. 

“What I am hoping to show these students is that while completing my studies I thought that I was alone and my dyslexia was a curse, but I have now realised that it is a blessing,” he said.

“I am far from alone and see the world work in a very different way.” 

The camp was a wonderful success, the six students who attended have all given such positive feedback that they will continue to be run each year as a result.

“Brenton was great, it was good to hear about what went wrong for him and how he fixed it”, said Colby Fowler.

“I was really nervous about going on camp with a heap of strangers but it didn’t take long for us all to become friends”, said Declan Quinlan.

Canoe The Coorong is located just 85km south of Adelaide and travels parts of the Coorong National Park. For further information contact Brenton Carle on 0424 826 008.

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