Growing pride as Lions Club come to Two Wells

Two Wells has its very own lions…well, Lions club anyway!

Got you thinking didn’t I? And while you’re thinking, why not consider joining this new group whose main aim is to give back to the community and help out local residents in need?

Lions Clubs promote youth, medical research, aid to people with disability, community service and disaster relief, with 46,000 clubs globally.

The Two Wells Lions Club has eight members at the time of printing, and hopes to encourage more people to sign up so it can become a Lions group in its own right.

That magic number is 20 members.

With Rodney Mildred at the helm and a raft of other locals putting their hand up to join, the Two Wells Lions Club is officially a sub-branch of Mallala Lions.

The group hopes to raise funds to plow back into the community and seeks to assist those in need.

“We’d love to have a ‘dial a Lion’ type thing going in the future,” Rodney enthused.

“It’d be if someone is in need, they might be elderly or just need their lawn mowed or a gutter fixed, they could give us a call and we can send someone around to help them when we can for perhaps a small donation to Lions.”

One of the first things the group hopes to achieve is a memorandum of understanding with the District Council of Mallala with regard to the historic wells area, something close to the group’s heart being our town’s namesake.

The Two Wells Lions Club is only in its infancy but the group is big on passion and enthusiasm and they’re keen to hear what you have to say.

“This is an opportunity for young people to be pro-active in their community,” Rodney said.

“New members are more than welcome and we’d love to hear people’s ideas of what sorts of projects we should be involved in around town.”

If you are interested in joining, or would love further information, contact Rodney Mildred on 0427 351 650.

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