Dob in illegal dumpers

Two Wells, Lewiston & Districts Landcare Group with Mark Webb

I have lived in Lewiston for 30 plus years and have seen many changes in our region.

Being involved in a Landcare group has enabled me and other likeminded people (young and old) to work together in the revegetation and protection of some of our region’s great environmental assets such as the Lewiston wetlands, Camel track, and our Samphire coasts, which are world renowned as a migratory pathway for over 25,000 birds.

Take some time and get to know these areas, they belong to all of us. 

Having worked with community groups, I know what can be achieved when we work together.

I was reminded of this recently when over 2000 plants were planted by about 40 volunteers, over four separate planting days at Light Beach, Thompson Beach, Parham and Middle Beach.

Unfortunately within all these sites there was evidence of illegal dumping of rubbish.

All the volunteers wanted to do was plant trees/shrubs but in some places there was so much rubbish it was dangerous.

Why are people still dumping rubbish?

Do they not realise that we all have to pay to clean it up?

If you see someone dump rubbish where it shouldn’t be, take their rego no and contact council.

Illegal dumpers put us all at risk by attracting vermin and aid in spreading diseases to humans and animals. 

I believe communities can influence change and to do that we need to work together.

That said I am now a committee member on the Mallala Environmental Management Advisory Committee.

You could say it is just another committee, and that is true, but if we (community) want to support and protect the biodiversity of our region this committee is a good place to start. 

I encourage all of you to visit the Mallala council’s website and find out what this committee is doing to promote and protect our regions environmental assets for future generations.

The only way we can protect and value our environment is to get to know more about them.

This website enables the community to see what is happening in our region.

Furthermore on this website I found a great link on birds.

Click on community, then environment, scroll down to shorebirds 2020 program, select or write down the bird you are interested in and an abundance of information relating to that bird is revealed.

Wouldn’t it be great to know all about the birds that visit your property?

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