DCM horse facilities study workshop

The District Council of Mallala has initiated a study to investigate the establishment of an equestrian and horse-keeping precinct in the area.

This precinct could see horse agistment and equestrian facilities come together in a multiuse arrangement.

Independent consultants URPS are leading the study, which will also outline whether certain parcels of land are suitable for such purposes specifically.

Residents and interested groups were invited to attend a workshop on Monday June 22 in Two Wells to discuss the proposal.

A key aspect of the study is to determine the current nature of supply and demand of land available to support equestrian activities and horse keeping in the district, and to identify how to facilitate land use in the future.

The first stage of the project has recently been completed and has determined further investigation be undertaken to identify and assess suitable locations within the council area for future horse keeping and equestrian activities, including the possibility of establishing an equestrian type precinct where agistment and facility provision may come together.

DCM infrastructure and planning services general manager, Gary Mavrinac, said the study would be conducted in a staged approach, with stage 1A recently completed and a report drawn up.

This report focused on investigating the provision of and demand for horse keeping and/or equestrian precinct(s) within the district.

“While the investigations has highlighted that very little data exists about rates of horse ownership and rates of participation in horse riding activities nationally, as well as specifically in South Australia, the report indicated that there is a demand for horse riding facilities, evidenced by horse riding clubs in the district being at capacity, and members of the clubs travelling outside the council area to access facilities,” Mr Mavrinac said.

Stage 1B, which is currently in progress, involves more detailed engagement with stakeholders to identify criteria for suitable sites and assessment of potential sites.

Mr Mavrinac said no site for a possible horse precinct has been determined at this stage of the project.

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