Adelaide Pistol Club Report

 By Jim Innes, AP&SC president

Adelaide Pistol and Shooting Club (AP&SC) is looking forward to holding its 76th Annual General Meeting, July 11, at the clubrooms at Korunye, as many members will be rewarded for their contribution to the club over the years.

We expect our Patron Gold Medal winning Paralympian athlete, Libby Kosmala, to be present. 

The club will have the pleasure of awarding life membership to one of its hardest workers and favourite sons, Peter Hayward, who is still rated in the top 10 in certain shooting disciplines in the state. 

Peter is well known throughout the Lower North and has also been chairman of the AP&SC as well as previously serving as secretary. 

Peter has volunteered hundreds of hours of his own time, making infrastructure for the ranges whilst also having been president of the South Australian Revolver and Pistol Association, the state’s major affiliate body for competition shooting.

The club is lucky to boast an Olympian as one of its 13 life members in Mike Papps, from the famous Papps family.

Leo Papps was one of the clubs’ early chairmen, and the Papps name has been synonymous with the Target Pistol Shooting sport in Australia.

Recognition of individuals who have been members of the club for 40 and 50 years is also on the agenda.

Two major events are up-coming in the next few months, the Action Pistol National Championships for SARPA (South Australian Pistol and Revolver Association) in October, as well as the Action pistol National Championships for Sporting Shooters Association Australia.

Both of these events will attract interstate competitors to the club and the region, with local tours of the area planned after the events.  The club also enjoyed an intra club social event last Saturday, starting with a social shooting competition in several disciplines, followed by a barbeque and campfire. For further information on the club, its membership and upcoming events check out our or email the club’s secretary on

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