APEC Western Trail

Report and photos: Bec O’Brien

Adelaide Plains Equestrian Club held a successful Come ‘n’ Try Western Trail clinic at the BZ Equine Estate indoor arena in Lewiston on Sunday May 24.

Local horseman and horse dentist, Paul Bethune, of Lewiston, instructed around 30 riders and their horses as they completed a variety of challenging obstacles.

The focus of this type of riding is patience and precision, with horse and rider working together to complete each challenge.

Paul, who was ably supported by APEC president Tracey Smith, gave advice to riders as they went around the course, with beginners, intermediate and advanced classes throughout the day.

Some of the obstacles riders worked through included travelling over a bridge, side passing over poles, opening/closing a gate, jogging through poles and working around barrels and traffic cones.

APEC’s next event will be a trail ride at Middle Beach on Sunday June 21. Visit their website at www.freeteams/apec for more information.

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